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For centuries, fraternities have stood strong as places of camaraderie and education on American college campuses. Known for their commitment to civic virtues and character development, fraternities have provided purpose to thousands of young men over the decades. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Chapter, exemplify these enduring values, having upheld a commitment to excellence since their founding in 1914.

Their contributions to campus life showcase the long-lasting impact of fraternity life on personal and professional development. This chapter shines a light on one of the most important components of fraternity life—giving back and serving others.

Fostering Academic and Professional Growth

Recentresearchon fraternities highlights that members are more likely to succeed academically and professionally thanks to the leadership skills and supportive networks they cultivate. The Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at UNC Chapel Hill has distinguished itself academically, boasting one of the highest average GPAs among all Pi Kappa Phi chapters nationally, with a remarkable 3.4. This academic achievement has brought prestige to the chapter and earned them a national award fromPi Kappa Phi.

Members of Pi Kappa Phi established the Business Page Turners Club, a student-led book club focused on exploring the world of business literature. Open to the entire University, this club fosters a dynamic community for business enthusiasts across campus. By meeting each semester to read, discuss and connect over key texts, the club enriches the academic experiences of its members and enhances their career prospects through the promotion of critical thinking and engaging discussions. This initiative serves the broader campus community, providing a platform for all students interested in business to grow intellectually and professionally.

The chapter’s success in nurturing 11Morehead-Cain Scholars—a prestigious scholarship awarded for leadership, character, academic excellence and the potential to make a significant impact—and achieving a 92% acceptance rate into the Business School underscores the high academic standards and community impact maintained within the fraternity. The extensive academic accolades earned by fraternity members demonstrate the supportive and challenging environment that fraternity life provides. This framework helps students reach significant academic heights and secure competitive scholarships, facilitated by the motivational and supportive network that fraternities offer.

In the realm of academic competition, six brothers from the chapter excelled in The Challenge case competition, where freshman members clinched first place in the 2023 UNC PwC Case Competition. This competition, designed to model real-world business scenarios, allows participants to engage in strategic problem-solving without requiring an extensive background in business concepts, making it accessible to underclassmen. This achievement not only highlights the practical application of their academic skills but also supports recentfindingsthat fraternity involvement enhances career prospects through the development of critical thinking and leadership capabilities.

Championing Inclusivity and Service

Continuing their tradition of service, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi at UNC Chapel Hill have been active participants in theBest Buddies Organization, emphasizing their deep-seated commitment to inclusivity. This year alone, over 35 brothers attended the JOY Prom, an event that promotes acceptance and friendship, reflecting the chapter’s efforts to foster a more inclusive community. Their consistent involvement with such initiatives showcases a genuine dedication to civic responsibility, a hallmark of fraternity members who are often more engaged in community service.

According to recentresearchfindings, despite being less diverse than the general student body, fraternity and sorority members reported higher levels of interaction with people different from themselves than did other students. Additionally, fraternity members spend significantly more time volunteering, mentoring and doing other types of service work, and they feel a strong sense of belonging in their communities.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi have shown a strong commitment to service through their engaging philanthropy events. Notably, their annual “Bike a Pikapp” event and the week-long “War of the Roses” initiative contribute thousands of dollars annually to Pi Kappa Phi’s The Ability Experience Philanthropy, which provides accessible camps and opportunities for people with disabilities. These events raise substantial funds and increase awareness about the challenges faced by those with disabilities, exemplifying the fraternity’s commitment to civic responsibility and community engagement—a core aspect highlighted in NIC’sresearchon fraternity involvement being service and mentoring.

Demonstrating their dedication to service beyond the local community, five members from the chapter participated inGear Up FloridaandJourney of Hope, The Ability Experience’s flagship summer programs that span across Florida and America. These brothers cycled to raise awareness and support for individuals with disabilities, embodying the spirit of advocacy and volunteerism. Such initiatives align with NIC’s findings, which note that fraternity members are more engaged in volunteering and possess a heightened sense of community connection, reinforcing the positive impact of fraternity membership on personal and societal levels.

Leadership Across Campus

Leadership development is a cornerstone of fraternity life, as evidenced by Pi Kappa Phi members who hold influential positions across campus. In fact,researchshows nearly half of fraternity members serve in other campus leadership roles. The fraternity’s President serves on the Interfraternity Council, impacting broader fraternity policies and activities. Other members contribute to campus governance through roles on The Daily Tar Heel’s Board of Directors and the Carolina Student Alumni Association, preparing them for future leadership roles in various sectors.

Leadership extends into professional development for two members of Pi Kappa Phi, who hold executive positions in Sigma Eta Pi, a selective co-ed professional entrepreneurship fraternity. Serving as Vice President of Recruitment and Vice President of Fundraising, these members are instrumental in fostering an environment that values professionalism, connection and personal development. Their roles in Sigma Eta Pi further exemplify the leadership trends observed in NIC research, where fraternity members often take on significant roles across campus, enhancing their leadership skills and professional networks.

Pi Kappa Phi at UNC Chapel Hill embodies the benefits of fraternity life, enhancing the college experience by developing well-rounded individuals who excel in academics, leadership, and community engagement. Their continuous efforts benefit their personal growth and significantly contribute to the university community, setting a standard for the transformative experiences that fraternity life offers.


Pi Kappa Phi at UNC Chapel Hill: Student Leaders Paving the Way - My Fraternity (2024)


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