Jess Glynne releases comeback song 'Silly Me' along with a surreal music video (2024)

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She's had a three-year hiatus

Jess Glynne

Author: Anna Sky MagliolaPublished 28th Apr 2023
Last updated 28th Apr 2023

It's been a long time coming, but after teasing a return to music in 2023 with a new record label, Jess Glynne has now released her comeback song 'Silly Me', along with the music video.

Jess took to her socials to share the exciting release telling her fans in an Instagram Story: 'I'm officially back in your ears'.

Along with releasing her song, which is about 'learning from your mistakes and growing from them', Jess shared the music video on YouTube which shows Jess in surrealist landscapes of memories and moments of reflection. Take a look below...

Watch Jess Glynne's music video for 'Silly Me':

Speaking about her new song, which was written by Jess along with Knox Brown (who has worked with RAYE and Stormzy), she said: "This song really is about learning from your mistakes and growing from them. Life isn’t perfect, we all mess up along the way and have moments where we have felt silly, but what matters is picking yourself up and not being too hard on yourself."

How did Jess announce her new song?

Taking to her socials to confirm her new music will be coming on 28th April, Jess wrote: 'SILLY ME… 28/04. Pre-save link in bio'.

She also shared a short black and white video of herself which is also narrated by her, saying: "I haven't done a project of my own for five years! How much I have changed in that period of time, how much my life has changed. I've really come to a place in my life where, I feel so incredibly content with the woman I am today. The fear and the (you know) doubt just disappears."

Since announcing her comeback song, fans have been leaving exciting messages, with one writing: 'Amazing!!!!! Yes girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️', and another saying: 'Screaming omg Jess love you'. (sic)

With a new song here, Jess Glynne will also be joining us at our sold out gig Hits Live in Liverpool on 26th May. The singer is on the line-up along with the likes of Sigala, Tom Grennan and the UK's Eurovision entry Mae Muller.

You can hear songs by Jess Glynne on Hits Radio.

Take a look through all of Jess Glynne's Number 1 songs:

1) ‘Rather Be’ Ft Clean Bandit – 2014

Jess teamed up with collaboration geniuses Clean Bandit in 2014, to help score her first UK Number 1. The track, 'Rather Be', instantly become a massive hit with fans across the country.

Watch the video on YouTube.

2) ‘My Love’ Ft Route 94 – 2014

Jess's second Number 1 single was another collaboration, this time she teamed up with British record producer Route 94. The deep house style single continues to be a favourite with fans.

Watch the video on YouTube.

3) ‘Hold My Hand’ – 2015

Perhaps one of Jess's catchiest tunes to date! 'Hold My Hand', which was released in 2015, is the perfect song to have a sing-a-long at any live gig. The video is great too...

Watch the video on YouTube.

4) ‘Not Letting Go’ Ft Tinie Tempah - 2015

In what was one of the collaborations of 2015, Jess teamed up with Tinie Tempah, with the pair working their magic on the hit 'Not Letting Go'.

Watch the video on YouTube.

5) ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ – 2015

Another catchy Number 1 hit from Jess Glynne was her 2015 single 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself'. After receiving tons of praise for the lyrical content, the song helped Jess equal Cheryl's record for the most Number 1 singles by a British female solo artist.

Watch the video on YouTube.

6) ‘These Days’ Ft Rudimental – 2018

After a three-year break from releasing music, Jess returned in style earlier this year when she teamed up with Rudimental on the hit track 'These Days'. Helping Jess overtake Cheryl to break the record, the singer became the first British female solo artist to score six UK Number 1 singles.

Watch the video on YouTube.

7) 'I'll Be There'

Jess Glynne released 'I'll Be There' in May 2018, the song was the lead single from her album 'Always in Between' and reached Number 1 in June of that year.
Watch the video on YouTube.

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Jess Glynne releases comeback song 'Silly Me' along with a surreal music video (2024)


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