Freightliner Truck Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams (2024)

Freightliner was founded in 1929 by a young driver named James Leland. Initially, he planned to create a small-scale truck with a cab located above the power unit for the needs of the company in which he previously worked.

However, the first model became widespread in the United States market, seriously competing with the established giants of the truck segment. Since 1930, Freightliner engineers have been developing new types of suspension for future models of the company. In 1932-1935, trailers and the first refrigerators were released, which are aimed at keeping the cold inside the body for as long as possible.

In 1939, the company switched to assembling trucks under license from American Bantam for the US Army, returning to the production of tractors only in 1948. However, the following years were marked by the struggle for the existence of the Freightliner company in the tractor market. All new models brought only one loss, but thanks to the success of refrigerators in markets around the world, the company was able to maintain a balance sheet and make a small profit. However, by 1980, the situation became so disastrous that the company's management had already begun bankruptcy proceedings, however, in 1981, the brand was completely redeemed by the Daimler concern, which had previously suffered several failures in the American tractor market. The Freightliner engineers received proper funding, as well as access to all the necessary Daimler resources. From 1982 to 1993, 16 Freightliner models of all classes and modifications of trucks were presented, and the company was able to take a leading position in sales of trucks in the USA and Canada. By 2009, the entire line of tractors and trucks of the company was completely updated, which led to an increase in market share to 81%.

The Freightliner Century is a truck tractor capable of long haul haulage. This model is really high-tech for its time, but in addition to this, it also has such qualities as high performance and increased safety.

In the process of developing the Freightliner Century tractor, the manufacturer tried to simplify maintenance and increase the service life, which, in principle, turned out. Among the original features, it is worth highlighting the clutch system, which has automatic adjustment, and of course the aerodynamic hood, thanks to which it was possible to achieve good efficiency.

It is worth noting that this model was one of the first American-made machines in which the design is completed with durable and lightweight composite materials. Thanks to this solution, the truck was significantly lightened, and its payload increased to 34,900 kilograms.


Serial production of the Freightliner Century main tractor began in 1995. The model is a replacement for the Freightliner FLD truck.

For consumers, the new tractor was offered with several cab variations, which differ from each other in the space in the sleeping compartment. In 1999, this tractor was revised. As a result, noise isolation and safety were improved (an airbag appeared on the driver's side).

The first versions of the truck were equipped with in-line six-cylinder diesel engines from manufacturers Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel. All proposed units were equipped with a turbocharging system, which had a positive effect on their power performance. They were paired with a mechanical non-synchronized gearbox with a robotic switching system.

In 2003, a restyling was carried out. Starting this year, a new six-cylinder in-line diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz is available for the Freightliner Century. This engine has a working volume of 12.8 liters and quite impressive power. With the advent of such an engine, the company decided to abandon Cummins engines.

Serial production of this tractor ended in 2010. As a replacement, then the manufacturer offered a new car, called the Freightliner Cascadia. However, the Century model was produced in Australia for a long time. For the Australian market, the truck was equipped with a Detroit Diesel six-cylinder diesel power unit, which, with a displacement of 12.8 liters, is capable of developing a maximum output of 457 horsepower. As for the complete sets, the tractor can be both two-axle and three-axle.

Freightliner Century


There are only two main modifications of the Freightliner Century tractor supplied to the market. They were issued under the indices C112 and C120. Both of these versions have very minor changes, such as the distance from the front bumper to the rear wall of the sleeping compartment. Moreover, this distance is precisely indicated by the numbers in the model index, where the calculation is carried out in inches.


As standard, this mainline tractor has the already familiar power windows and electric drives for adjusting the side rear-view mirrors. But besides this, depending on the wishes of the consumer, the model was equipped with a refrigerator, TV, microwave and dry closet.

The Freightliner Century features innovative, advanced noise reduction technology. Thanks to this, the truck cab turned out to be really very quiet, both in the parking lot and while driving. For added comfort, the cab has been fitted with an exclusive vibration damping system.

There is more than enough free space inside the cabin. The driver can stand up to his full height, as well as move freely around the cab. Ergonomics are well thought out here. All controls are at a very convenient distance from the driver.

Freightliner Century

The model has an advanced air conditioning system. Due to such a system, an optimal temperature regime is maintained inside, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The air filtration system, in addition to the filter elements, also has 17 ventilation holes, which together contribute to improved air circulation in the cab.

From the factory, all cab options are supplied with a Xantex voltage converter and charger. These devices are permanently connected to standard electrical outlets located in the sleeping area. Thanks to the converter, 120V alternating current is available in the sockets of the cabin, which is the standard electrical network in America. In this regard, the driver can use various household appliances and charge the battery.

Freightliner Truck Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams (2024)


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